When To Buy A Cat Muzzle For Biting?

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It is no secret that cats are very loveable beings. They crave for attention as well as love to be petted. However, at the end of the day, they are independent creatures who get irritated quite easily and tend to bite and scratch when the petting gets too much for them. Cats also react similarly when they are feeling scared or uncomfortable. That is when a cat muzzle comes into play to prevent biting. This ensures both the protection of the cat as well as the people handling it.

Cat Muzzle

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When Should You Muzzle A Cat?

A cat muzzle is a device that is wrapped around your cat’s face, especially when they are in pain, angry, or agitated, preventing them from biting you. There are many situations where muzzling a cat becomes necessary.

Veterinary Visits

It is extremely important to take your cat for regular veterinary check-ups. Cats are very intelligent and they sense the fact that they are being taken to the veterinarian. This causes stress and discomfort to them, making them very agitated and violent. They tend to react to this situation by biting and scratching their owner. Therefore, it is necessary for you to muzzle your cat for a smooth visit and to keep both of you safe.


Cats hate water. Bathing them is a task on its own. They get extremely uncomfortable when the water hits their faces, therefore, muzzling your cat up while bathing them would make the entire process somewhat smoother.

Medical Emergency

If a cat has suffered any injury that requires urgent medical treatment like giving injections etc, it is unavoidable to not put a muzzle on their faces. This would not only prevent them from biting you or the doctor but would also calm them down as their eyes would be covered by the muzzle, preventing them to see what is going on.


Cats often get violent when they are being groomed. They do not like anyone holding their paws and clipping their nails. They tend to bite and scratch in such a situation and in cases like these, a muzzle would be needed to calm them off.

Is A Muzzle Cruel?

A muzzle is a useful thing when used in appropriate situations. It is not cruel when done with good intentions such as keeping the safety of your cat in mind while going to the veterinarian or for grooming etc. However, when it is used improperly, it can be a cruel thing, causing trauma to your cat.

To ensure that muzzling your cat is merciful, keep a few things in mind.

Soft Material

Make sure that the muzzle is soft for your cat and does not cause any injury to its face. Nylon-made muzzles are best to use on cats.


Your cat should be able to properly breathe through the muzzle. It should not feel suffocated as it may lead to serious problems if the cat cannot breathe.

Right Size

The muzzle should neither be too small nor too big for your cat. A perfect sized or adjustable muzzle such as the
Guardian Gear Soft Adjustable Cat Muzzles would ensure comfort and relaxation for your cat.

Covers the Eyes

If your cat is in an uncomfortable situation, keeping its eyes covered with a muzzle like
YOUCC 5 Pack Pet Supply Cat would be very beneficial for the cat. As it would not be able to see its surroundings, it would help the cat feel relaxed, calm, and composed.

Do Cat Muzzles Also Stop Meowing?

Some kinds of muzzles are used for controlling and correcting certain behaviors of your cat such as excessive and wild meowing. Muzzles that have large holes in them for breathing purposes allow the cat to meow. The intention of these muzzles is not to control meowing but for preventing the cat from biting and being violent. However, the muzzles with small holes which are tightly compact prevent the cat from making loud noises and from meowing because of their unique and special design.

How To Make A Homemade Cat Muzzle?

If you need to muzzle your cat in any dire situation but do not have any muzzles at home, then you could try and make one yourself. This make-shift homemade cat muzzle would at least help you get the job done at that particular moment.

Step 1:

First, take a Dixie cup or any small disposable paper cup. Next, cut the bottom out of it and securely attach a shorter length of string on either side of the bigger opening and make sure to leave the ends loose. The open small end is to allow the cat to breathe when you slip the cup over your cat’s head and mouth.

Step 2:

Now, tie the string around behind the cat’s head to help keep the cup in place. If the cup covers the cat’s eyes and they cannot see you, it would be better, especially if they are agitated.

Here’s another way to make Cat Muzzles at home:

Final Thoughts

Muzzling a cat could be both a blessing as well as torture for both you and your cat. In situations where the cat needs urgent medical attention or needs to be groomed for its personal and health benefits, muzzling it is the best way to go. However, you must ensure that the muzzle is comfortable on the cat, it can breathe through it, and is removed immediately when not needed.

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