Top 5 Affordable Dog Accessories (2022 Review)

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A dog is a man’s best friend. 

They will jump in bed with you, comfort you during uncertain times, and always be waiting for you at home no matter how late you are running! 

It is no surprise that sometimes, you find yourself scrolling endlessly, looking to expand your dog’s closet. 

There are endless options out there, and once can just as easily be lost in the infinite sea of dog accessories. 

You certainly do not want to spend your hard-earned money on a dog accessory only to find it cheaper somewhere else a few days later.  

affordable dog accessories

Table of Contents

What Are Offbeat And Affordable Dog Accessories For Sale

Your dog walking around with their offbeat accessories is the equivalent of a teenager getting the latest iPhone and showing it off to their classmates. 

If you want everyone to turn their heads around desperately hoping for a second look at your adorable puppy, then investing in a few accessories might be the thing for you!

Types Of Affordable Dog Accessories For Sale

Offbeat dog accessories come in many shapes and sizes. 

They can be a bean bag for your puppy to sleep on or a chew toy to keep them busy for long periods. Dog accessories are not just limited to fashion but can serve numerous functions. A chew toy that doubles as a medicine feeder. 

Likewise, fashionable coats that also protect during rainy weather and trimmers to keep their luxurious fur from overgrowing. Offbeat accessories for dogs do not necessarily need to serve a useful purpose. They can be as simple as just a fun toy!

What To Look For In Affordable Dog Accessories For Sale

Being a pet owner is no task, especially if that pet is a dog. They require constant attention and care as they are undoubtedly one of the most socially active animals out there. 

You have hundreds of choices when choosing an offbeat dog accessory. It is important to remember that they can be just as valuable additions for you as they are for your pet. 


Summer hoodies with a print can be an excellent addition to your dog’s closet if you are planning to go to the beach this summer. 

The adorable patterns will make for great pictures and keep your pup protected from UV light at the same time! Winter clothes can make for a great fit and keep your canine warm and cozy.


Dog’s second-best friend is their toys. Different toys can keep them entertained for hours, and your canine will no longer bug you to take them on long walks. 

Chew toys can be of great benefit if your pup likes chewing on your pillows and sofas.

Grooming Kits

Grooming kits are a necessity. 

They can save you expensive trips to the dog groomer and can help you keep your puppy looking at their best all the time! 

Investing in good shampoo and conditioner can keep their fur looking healthy and prevent hair shedding in the long run.

Top 5 Offbeat And Affordable Dog Accessories Reviewed 


1) PetSafe Freedom Aluminum Dog Door


Suppose your pet likes moving in and out of the house a little too much, and you are tired of waiting at the door for them. 

In that case, this aluminum door is an excellent way to give your canine more independence.


  • Easy installation 
  • The strong aluminum frame prevents wear and tear 
  • It comes in four sizes to accommodate pets of all ages 


  • The screws are made out of plastic 
  • It may not be suitable if you are located in harsh climates 
  • The stencil does not align with the fitting

2) Benebone Dog Chew Toy

Designed for aggressive chewers, this wishbone-shaped chew toy will keep your canine occupied for hours


  • It comes in three flavors
  • It comes in four sizes 
  • It is durable and shaped in such a way that dogs can easily pick it up with their paw.


  • It needs to be replaced monthly 
  • It may be too hard on the dog’s teeth 
  • The chew toy may have sharp edges after prolonged use.

3) KONG Dog Water Bottle


The portable water bottle is a need for anyone constantly traveling with their pet. 

Made out of stainless steel, this water bottle will surely give you your money’s worth!


  • It comes in six colors
  • The travel lid doubles as a water bowl 
  • It is made out of toxic free materials 


  • It does not store a lot of water 
  • The lid may come off occasionally

4)  Nina Ottosson Dog Treat Puzzle 


The puzzle is an excellent way to keep your dog’s brain stimulated and healthy. 

The toy is easy to load with treats and explicitly designed to mentally train dogs and entertain them simultaneously


  • It is easy to clean
  • There are no removable parts reducing the choking hazard 
  • It comes in four levels of varying difficulty 


  • Once dogs figure it out, they will be able to do it much faster 
  • Dogs may refuse to play with it
  • It requires constant monitoring as the dog may chew on the plastic toy.

5) Outward Hound Slow Feeder Dog Bowl


Suppose your canine is an enthusiastic eater, and you are always worried about your dog choking on the food. 

In that case, this dog bowl will take your worries away. 

The ridges slow their eating time just enough to prevent any choking hazards


  • It comes in four sizes
  • It comes in multiple colors 
  • It is made with a non-slip base 


  • It can cause injuries to your dog’s nose 
  • The dog can simply learn to flip the bowl to get easier access to food.

Final Thoughts

Offbeat dog toys are not just limited to the list above, but they can be anything that helps better the bond between you and your puppy. 

You can invest in a custom name tag, a super comfy bed, or just a simple portable water bottle for your puppy. 

The accessory is an excellent addition as long as you both love it!

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