Top 5 Chew Toys for Dogs Online

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Choosing a dog as a pet can be fruitful and tiring simultaneously. Your adorable little puppies will ask for constant attention and care. While you have no problem fulfilling their wish, it is not always possible to do so. Especially if you have an over-enthusiastic dog that will literally chew on anything that comes its way. Training your dogs can take a long time, and meanwhile, there needs to be a temporary solution to keep them from destroying your sofas and pillows. Dog chew toys are the perfect playtime to keep your puppies occupied.

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What Are Chew Toys For Dogs

As the name suggests, these are toys designed for dogs to chew on. Dog chew toys can be a great addition to your newborn pup’s closet as they can help relieve pain during the teething process. It can also serve as an excellent playtime. Some dog chew toys are equipped with ingredients to make your dog feel good.

Types Of Chew Toys For Dogs Online For Sale

The truth is that dogs and humans are alike. We both need tools that are the perfect fit for us. Finding a dog chew toy for your puppy can be especially hard because they come in multiple materials, sizes, and flavors. You do not want to buy a chew toy that is too hard on their teeth, but at the same time, it should be durable enough to not break down on the first impact. The most important thing to be on the lookout for is the material that the chewing type is made from

Rope Toys 

If your dog loves chewing on the curtains, rope chew toys are the perfect addition. The threads can help floss their teeth and get rid of any food particles stuck in between gums. The design of rope chew toys serves two functions for the price of one. It keeps your dog entertained and eliminates their bad breath.

Rubber Toys 

Chewing may be monotonous for us, but it is pretty exciting for dogs. Rubber chew toys are the safest option to invest in as long as the material is made out of non-toxic materials. The toys are durable and can be infused with numerous flavors to keep your puppies entertained for hours. Some even come with a medicine pocket to make it easier to administer medicine!

Tennis Balls

If your dog runs at any ball that comes in their sight, getting a bunch of tennis balls is your best bet. Dogs love when you take them on long walks and play fetch. Tennis balls can be an excellent way to promote bonding between you and your dog.

What To Look For In Chew Toys For Dogs Online For Sale

One of the disadvantages of having numerous options online is that you do not know the perfect fit for your dog. One does not want to invest a lot of money in a chew toy only to find out it is too hard on their dog’s teeth. You can always check in with your vet for recommendations or observe your dog’s chewing. If they shred anything that comes their way, it’s worth investing in a durable toy. If they are gentle with everything and everyone around them, you can invest in other options.

Top 5 Chew Toys For Dogs Online Reviewed


1) KONG Classic Dog Toy


The design is playful and geared towards stimulating your dog’s brain. It is the top recommendation by vets, and the extra bounce only adds to the joy in playtime. 


  • You can fill it up with your dog’s favorite treats 
  • It comes in six sizes 
  • It is dishwasher safe 


  • It runs out of stock very quickly 
  • Aggressive chewers can easily break it apart 
  • The new sizes are smaller than the previous ones 

2) Nylabone Chew Toy For Teething Puppies

The teething process is not kind to puppies. The chew toy from Nylabone is here to ease your worries as its design can help relieve the pain of the teething process. 


  • It is suitable for puppies up to 25 lbs 
  • It comes in seven different and exciting shapes 
  • It comes in four different flavors and a variety pack


  • It can easily be torn apart by aggressive chewers 
  • You may need to trim off plastic bits after prolonged use 
  • Your puppy needs constant monitoring when chewing on the toy 

3) X shaped Dog Chew Toy


Not only does this ease the pain during the teething stage, but it can also be a perfect match for dogs that are aggressive chewers. The toy’s playful design promotes healthy breath and brain stimulation 


  • It is beef flavored 
  • It is suitable for puppies up to 15 pounds 
  • It can easily be cleaned with warm water and soap 


  • Some dogs are not a fan of the beef flavor 
  • Not ideal for prolonged chewing 
  • Chewing time needs to be moderated 

4)  Petstage Dog Chew Toy 


The stick-shaped chew toy is an excellent addition if your dog loves playing fetch with sticks. It is safe for indoor and outdoor use, plus it also doubles as a stick to play fetch 


  • It comes in four sizes 
  • It comes in three different varying styles 
  • It encourages softer chewing in dogs 


  • It is not suitable for aggressive chewers 
  • The toy needs to be replaced after a short period of time. 

5) Petstages Dental Chew Toy


The dental chew toy provides multiple textures for your canine to gnaw, chew and bite. The rope texture encourages positive chew behavior 



  • It comes in five varying packs 
  • It improves dental health by doubling as a floss



  • The ropes may start to thread after prolonged use 
  • Only suitable for small dogs and puppies 

Final Thoughts

Chew toys can be a great addition to your dog’s everyday routine; however, they are not a substitute for the time between you two. It is essential that the activity is continuously monitored and that they do not end up ingesting any bits of the toy. It may take some time before you find the perfect chew toy for your dog, but they will thank you forever for the toy!

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