Top 5 Dog Cleaning Wipes For Paws

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Dogs may be the most social animal out there, but they are not very regular when it comes to cleaning themselves. Chances are your canine loves going on walks, rolling around in the dirt, and playing fetch. You are probably equipped with a brush to get rid of any hair matting, and a regular bath every week helps get rid of all that dirt in the fur coat. However, their paws constantly get dirty and bring in a lot of uninvited dirt to your house. Luckily, there is a way to overcome this problem – known as wet wipes!

Dog Cleaning Wipes

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What Are Dog Cleaning Wipes For Paws 

Dog wipes are no different from baby wipes. You would not go around trying to give the baby bath after every minor spill. Likewise, dog wipes can be a super helpful addition to your pet’s grooming closet to keep them clean in between paths or if your pet has special needs. They come in handy whenever you need to get in those groves and get that dirt out! 

Types Of Dog Cleaning Wipes For Paws 

Dog wipes are catered to a canine’s needs, and each brand will serve its purpose. Some are medicated, while others come loaded with cleaning agents to clean your puppy. People may prefer to use baby wipes as a substitute; however, they can irritate the skin because of the difference in skin pH.

What To Look For In Dog Cleaning Wipes For Paws  

Choosing a dog wipe for paw is no easy task. It would help to account for certain factors before making your way to the hundreds of retailers online. Here are a few things to look out for when shopping for dog cleaning wipes for paws 


A wipe dipped in water is not going to do the job. It would be best to make sure that the wipe comes with a cleaning agent suited to your canine’s skin and is not too harsh on it. Ensure that the puppy is not allergic to any ingredients present in the cleaning solution. It should be able to strip the fur and skin of any dirt. 


Paws are in constant touch with the ground and harbor many bacteria. You must keep them cleaned and sanitized, so these bacteria do not become fatal for you or your dog. Paw cleaning wipes equipped with a sanitary agent get an extra point when the decision comes to choosing one at checkout.

Artificial Additives

Companies will add fragrance and dyes to their wipes. While it can make them smell and look pretty, it is vital to ensure that none of these ingredients is harmful to the dog’s skin. Skim through the label to find any additives 

Skin Care

Dogs deserve a perfect skincare routine too! A wipe loaded with vitamin E and aloe can make a great combination to prevent your pet’s skin from drying out.

Top 5 Dog Cleaning Wipes For Paws Reviewed 

To save you the trouble of scrolling through the internet for hours. Here is a list of top five dog cleaning wipes that are effective and are not too hard on the pocket 

1) Wet Ones For Pets 


Endorsed by Amazon, these wipes are multipurpose and are not just good for the paws but overall grooming! They eliminate dirt and debris between baths and come with a great tropical splash scent. The wipe is safe for pets eight weeks and older. The customer reviews about their pets’ reactions are wholesome. One customer loves giving mani and Pedi sessions to their dogs. Another customer said that the wipes are “soft yet sturdy, always moist and do the job nicely”.


  • It comes in a pack of four, each with a varying number of wipes
  • The wet lock seal prevents the wipes from drying out and is easy to use 
  • Aloe present in the wipes keeps the skin healthy and moisturized 


  • Some people may not like the fruity fragrance 
  • Boxes may arrive damaged due to delivery issues
  • It may be hard to open for some people 

2) Burt’s Bees Dog Wipes 


According to Amazon reviews, Burt’s Bees wipes are an easy and quick solution to get back those shiny paws without putting in too much effort. The formula is veterinarian recommended and is free from added fragrances, sulfates, and colorants! The pH is marched to a dog’s skin. Its effectiveness can be seen in buyers’ reviews. The consensus is that the wipes are great for sensitive skin, fresh smelling, and handy! One reviewer’s dog likes to roll around in the dirt, and they love the fact that these wipes get rid of any lingering odors 


  • They come in different count packs
  • It can remove strong odors effectively 
  • The honey scent is sweet and not too overwhelming 


  • The packaging makes it harder to separate wipes
  • The size may be an issue for buyers 
  • The seal on top is a sticker and is not effective at locking in moisture

3) Martha Stewart Dog Wipes


Martha’s wipes are a way to hose down your dog’s paws without actually having to turn on the water! The formula is packed with oatmeal and aloe, making for a great combination to hydrate your canine’s skin. Consumers left stellar reviews about the product saying that it smells good and is excellent at cleaning the skin and removing any lingering odors. One even said that they wipe all your troubles away, and we agree with it! They may be pricey, but they sure are worth every penny 


  • It comes in three different packs of varying counts 
  • It comes in four different styles
  • The wipes hold their shape throughout the cleaning process
  • The fragrance is not overpowering 


  • The wipes are a tad bit more expensive than the competition 
  • They may cause trouble removing poop from paws 
  • It may not be suitable for pets with sIt may not be ideal for pets with a sensitive nose

4) Nature’s Miracle Wipes For Dogs


These wipes are mild enough for everyday use but come soaked in a deep cleaning formula that will leave your dog’s paws looking like they came from the groomer. It is packed with a moisturizing formula to keep your dog’s skin shiny and healthy. Customers love the product, and one even compared the functionality with baby wipes. About the same size, easy to use, and come in handy all the time 


  • It comes in four different packs of varying counts 
  • The formula is alcohol-free
  • It is suitable for dogs of all ages 


  • The wipe is thin and may break apart 
  • Some customers do not like the fragrance version 
  • The cap may be too tight and requires a lot of effort to open

5) Petkin Petwipes 


Petkin wipes are an all-rounder. They cater to not only dogs but also cats! Buyers appreciate the soft smell and the cleanliness that comes with the wipe. Some even said that they will now be adding it into their routine and one labeled it as a necessity for your pets! Petkin wipes are a great way to keep your dog’s paw clean all the time! 


  • The wipes leave a soft smell 
  • It is gentle enough to be used every day
  • The product is alcohol-free 


  • It only comes in a pack of 100 
  • The wipes may dry out sooner than expected 
  • Some dogs may not like the smell 

Final Thoughts

Dog wipes can be a great substitute but should not be used as an alternative to bathing. It may take a while before you find the perfect cleaning wipe for your dog, but it will be worth it in the long run! The investment saves you a ton of time cleaning up the paws and vacuuming your house! 

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