Top 5 Dog Hats To Protect Ears (2022 Review)

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Dogs are undoubtedly a human’s best friend. They are loyal, fun to be around and will stick with you through thick and thin. It is no surprise that sometimes, you might find yourself wanting to accessorize your fashionable pet. You will be surprised to know that these fashion choices are not just limited to clothes. One can get accessories, jackets and hats to build your dog a fashion closet!

Dog Hats To Protect Ears

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What Are Dog Hats To Protect Ears

Dog hats are no different than the ones designed for us. The only difference would be that your dog will get more compliments than you. These hats are specially designed to fit your dog and fulfill their needs. More importantly, it can help protect their delicate ears. Whether it is the hot summers or the chilly winters, you can find a hat for every occasion! 

Types Of Dog Hats To Protect Ears

There are numerous dog hats to protect ears, each designed for a particular purpose. One can just as easily get confused by the array of choices available. There are hats that are designed to protect your dog’s ears in summers from the harsh UV rays, and others provide comfort and warmth during winters. Some hats are just fashion accessories and serve no purpose other than making your adorable puppy even cuter.

What To Look For In Dog Hats To Protect Ears

Like normal ones, the hats designed for dogs are designed to fit an occasion’s needs. There are many reasons why one might buy a dog hat to protect their ears. However, it is essential that you consider your pet’s immediate environment before spending your hard earned money.


The first thing that you need to do is observe your and your pets’ immediate environment. Is it cold? Is it hot? Depending on your answer, one can quickly identify the best fit for your dog. If you live in hot climates with a lot of sunlight, invest in hats made out of soft and breathable fabric to prevent overheating and protect your canine from UV rays. Make sure that they have a long enough cover to provide shade from the sunlight. If it’s the opposite and you belong to a colder climate, get hats that offer warmth and are waterproof so that they do not get wet at the very first contact with the snow. 


It goes without saying that a dog hat designed to protect your canine’s ears needs to be flexible enough so that it easily fits over their head. It is essential you get the suitable sizes or you will get in a battle with your puppy desperately trying to get them to wear the hat. You can either get an average estimate about it on the internet or learn about accurate
dog measurements. Be on the lookout for hats that come with adjustable straps and Velcro.


You will also need to make sure that the dog hats last long! They are being put through harsh environmental conditions, and there is no use spending big bucks on a hat only for it to be chewed up by your dog the next day. Look for hats that are machine washable and come with sturdy material so that they don’t flatten down when placed on your dog’s head. 

Top 5 Dog Hats To Protect Ears Reviewed 


1) Pet Life UV Protectant Hat


These hats for dogs are a perfect addition to your daily walks. They provide ample room and flexibility around the ears. 


  • It comes in a variety of colors 
  • It provides protection against UV rays 
  • It is water resistant and machine washable 


  • It needs constant adjustment so it does not fall off the head
  • It does not cover the ears 
  • It is only available in two sizes

2) Pet Life Floral Hat For Dogs

The floral print on this hat will have everyone turning their heads around to get another look at it. The hat provides flexibility when worn and does not cause any inconvenience to the dog.


  • It provides protection against UV rays
  • It comes with an adjustable jaw strap providing easy placement
  • It is water resistant and machine washable 


  • The ribbon may come off after prolonged use
  • It is only available in one color

3) Pet Dog Baseball Hat For Dogs


Specially designed for baseball events, this dog that does not only provide a great fit but comes with many features that make it worth spending money on


  • It prevents overheating
  • It provides protection against UV rays, sand and wind
  • It comes with an adjustable buckle 


  • It does not fit big dogs
  • It is only available in two colors
  • It may require constant adjustments to keep it from falling off

4)  Dogo Trapper Hat For Dogs


Designed to provide comfort and warmth in winters, this hat is a must have fashion choice for your puppy. The only drawback is they will look too cute wearing this.


  • It comes with cotton lining
  • It requires minimal handwashing to keep it clean
  • It keeps the ears covered


  • The ear straps may be too short for your dog’s ears
  • It is only available in one color

5) Rubies Propeller Hat For Pets


Amazon’s choice never goes wrong. This hat comes with an interesting geometric pattern and a little propeller on the top of it.


  • The hat’s size is adjustable
  • It comes in two sizes


  • The dog’s ears are left uncovered
  • It requires hand wash

Final Thoughts

Dog hats can be a risky investment as your puppy may refuse to wear them at all. There is no saying whether they will like it or not, and you can always fashion a hat for your dog to work out an answer. However, you can always train your dogs to wear hats like many things. You will no longer need to worry about the harsh sunlight and windy environments. There will always be a hat on top of their heads, protecting them from all shots of environmental nuisances. 

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