Top 5 Best Dog Health Supplements (2022 Review)

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As much as we hate to admit it, dogs are very much like humans. They will get older and sicker. You cannot prevent this, but you can certainly keep them running and healthy for a long time by feeding them a more balanced diet. How can one feed their dog a balanced diet when every other dog food comes with different requirements? The answer is simple, just like us, they will need additional nutrients added to their food. These are marketed explicitly as dog supplements.

Dog Health Supplements

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What Are Dog Health Supplements

Chances are you have been recommended vitamins by your doctor and went to the grocery store only to see shelves lined up with a variety of them. Each one for a particular purpose. Supplements are vitamins specially designed for dogs. You can easily find many multivitamins made for dogs. Usually, dog food comes packed with these. Still, sometimes their health may require a particular supplement to be introduced into their diet in excess. Always get in touch with your vet regarding the supplements.

Types Of Dog Health Supplements For Sale

There are almost thirteen essential vitamins that are required by the human body to function. You can practically find all of these and many more supplements in the market that are made for dogs. They need these vitamins, too; however, it is quite possible that their quantities differ from our intake. Here are some of the most common vitamins present in the market 

Vitamin A For Dogs

Vitamins are categorized into two types; water soluble and fat soluble. This one is the latter and is responsible for immune function and growth and aids in fetal development during pregnancy. 

Vitamin B For Dogs

B vitamins can play a significant role in moderating your dog’s health. Vitamin B6 is crucial for nervous system function, immune response and glucose generation. If you are interested in reading more about vitamins and their roles, you can read more about their functionality

What To Look For In Dog Health Supplements For Sale 

The world of dog supplements is vast, and one can just as easily get lost in it, given the variety of options available. However, the question remains. Are dog supplements a necessity? Should you be adding them to your pet’s diet? And if yes, then what specific supplements? First and foremost, you should check in with a vet. Many people refuse to do so and administer vitamins, according to their research. You should note that vitamins are not always beneficial, and an excess of them can cause a bunch of problems for your puppy. Some people choose to make dog food by themselves, and vets might especially recommend these supplements to them. Do not worry, as this is not a comment on your dog’s caring skills. It is just that your canine may require some additional help to make up for the deficit.

Top 5 Best Dog Health Supplements Reviewed 


1)   VetriScience Multivitamin For Senior Dogs


They incorporate over 25 ingredients that are rarely found in over the counter dog food. These vitamins are the goto choice for your senior dogs. They provide the necessary kick for your old dogs to kick start their day and help them power through the day. 


  • It is duck flavored 
  • It comes in a pack of 60 tablets 
  • The tablets are easy to administer 
  • The dog can easily chew the tablets 


  • It runs out of stock very quick
  • The tablets break easily and maybe crumble 
  • The pills get hard after a while once the seal is broken

2) Naturals Daily Multivitamin For Dogs

These supplements are free from artificial ingredients and use alternatives for the ones that may upset your dog’s digestive system. These vitamins are designed to make up for the supplements that your dogs lack from their daily diet. 


  • It is vegetable flavored 
  • Incorporates over 28 nutrients 
  • It comes in two packs, each with a different number of tablets 


  • Dogs may not like the flavor 
  • The smell may be unpleasant for some dogs and owners

3) Nutri Vet Chews For Dogs


If you are worried about shedding season, these vitamins are the best fit. Specially designed to promote hair growth and restrict shedding, these supplements will allow your dog to show off fur coats everywhere they go.


  • It promotes healthy skin
  • It tastes like a hickory smoke flavor 
  • It comes in a pack of 60 tablets


  • It runs out of stock very quickly 
  • The tablets may not last long for bigger dogs
  • It requires constant administration of the product to stop shedding 

4)   Nutri Vet Multi Vite Chews For Dogs


Amazon’s choice of Nutri Vet multivitamins promotes a strong and supported balance in dogs. Certified vets formulate the tablets to keep your puppies in peak condition. 


  • The tablets are liver flavored
  • Approved by NASC
  • Calcium present in it promotes stronger bones


  • The tablets will run out quickly if you have older and bigger dogs 
  • Some dogs may not like the big pill
  • Comparatively expensive compared to other dog supplements present in the market

5) VetIQ Supplements For Dogs


These supplements are specially formulated to stimulate a healthy brain and vital immune function. They are a must for your dogs regardless of their age! Their wide variety of tablets targets specific areas of your canine.


  • It comes in different packs. Each one targets a different outcome 
  • Built in the hollow tube allows easier administration of medication 
  • It is chicken flavored 


  • The pills may go hard after the seal is broken
  • The tablets may crumble after prolonged exposure to the environment

Final Thoughts

Dog supplements can be an excellent investment if recommended by your vet. They provide for a better diet, and you do not have to go running around town to find different types of food to fulfill their dietary requirements. If you are introducing your dog to supplements or a particular brand for the first time, be on the lookout for any side effects and strange behaviors. It may take a while before you are able to find the perfect supplement for your pet.

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