Top 5 Kitten Basic Necessities You Need (2022 Review)

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Kittens as a pet will be one of the best decisions you will make in your lifetime. 

They are adorable, they are cute, and above all, these sweet balls of fur will bring you a ton of happiness. 

Even though many people will tell you that they are low maintenance, do not be fooled by the casual use of the term and invest in kitten necessities right away! 

Table of Contents

Kitten Basic Necessities

What Are Kitten Basic Necessities

Just as the name suggests, these are essential needs for kittens. 

They range from beds to potty trainers. It is vital that your pets feel comfortable in their home and have all the necessities in their reach. 

Types Of Kitten Basic Necessities For Sale

Over the past few years, there has been a rise in demand for kitten products. 

This can cause problems, especially for new pet carers, as one can just as easily get lost in the sea of products. 

You do not need to buy a leash right away or an advanced cat playroom to keep them entertained. 

It is important that you are specific and only invest in products that are worth your money!

Kitten Beds

The first thing that you need to be on the lookout for is a kitten bed. One can argue that they can sleep on the bed, sofa, or any place as long as they feel comfortable. 

It is vital because you will see a considerable amount of hair shedding on your furniture in just a few days if not for the kitten bed.

Kitten Food

Nutritious food is essential for the kitten’s healthy growth. Ask your vet about the best diet for your cat. 

Make sure that you get a mixture of wet and dry food so that there is variation in their diet. Also, throw in some treats so you can reward them for their excellent behavior.

Litter Box 

If you do not want your house smelling like sewage, then you should look into litter boxes for kittens. 

It provides a dedicated area for the kittens to poop, and you can easily dispose of the feces once they are done.

ID Tags 

Kittens, especially when older, are very keen on exploring. They will go on long walks, becoming accustomed to their immediate environment. 

You must invest in ID tags made for pets. Make sure that they can easily be marked with important information and easily be put on the kittens. 

It’s always a better decision to spend a few extra bucks and get a GPS tag so that you can track their activity.

Travel Carrier 

A travel carrier is an essential need if you are looking to adopt a pet. The design allows you to safely place your kitten and travel long distances. 

These are especially useful when one wants to take their kittens to a vet or the groomer. 

What To Look For In Kitten Basic Necessities For Sale 

As stated before, there are hundreds of types of kitten necessities for sale online. 

You can always increase your collection later, but for now, it is essential that you stay focused and direct your budget towards the necessities. 

Make sure that the products are durable and long-lasting!

Top 5 Kitten Basic Necessities Reviewed 


1) Hill’s Science Diet 


The dry food provides a balanced diet for kittens. It is packed with ingredients that promote growth and lean muscle


  • It comes in three packs of varying weights
  • It gives a lot of protein to young kittens 
  • It is available in chicken flavor 


  • The kittens may not respond well to the food initially 
  • Kittens may refuse to eat the food

2) Love’s Cabin Cat Beds

Amazon’s choice, Love cabin cat beds, provide a comfortable environment for your kitty. It comes with luxury that your beloved kitten deserves


  • It comes in eight different colors
  • It comes in three different sizes 
  • It is easy to clean and dry 


  • The product runs out of stock quickly 
  • The center may become flat after prolonged use 
  • Drying the product in the dryer may cause it to become frayed

3) Petmate Arm Sifting Litter Box


The ingenious design of this litter box earned itself Amazon’s choice. 

Easy to use and made out of recycled materials, this is the perfect addition to make things comfortable for you and your kitten!


  • The product requires no scooping
  • It is built-in with materials to prevent odor control
  • It is excellent for pets of all sizes and ages


  • It only comes in one size
  • The smaller bits can make their way through the sifter 
  • The cat can easily push it around the floor, creating a mess

4)   Amazon’s Basics Pet Travel Carrier


The mesh bag is durable and provides ample room for your kitten to sit in as you travel back and forth to vet appointments. 


  • It comes in three sizes
  • It comes with a removable base for easy cleaning and support 
  • It has front and top zippers to provide easy access to the pet


  • It comes with no wheels
  • It can be challenging to get the kitten into the carrier
  • It cannot support overweight pets

5)  Worthy Nursing Kit


Ideal for orphaned and newborn kittens, this is a perfect accessory to administer them food and medicine during their early days or when they fall sick. 


  • It comes in a pack of six
  • Includes bottle, brush and five nipples 
  • Easy to clean and use 


  • The nipple can be easily damaged by chewing 
  • It cannot be used on older cats

Final Thoughts

Investment in kitten necessities is crucial to ensure that you and your kitten are comfortable. 

Products whose design is specific to that of kittens can allow an easier transition into their new home. It can also result in a stronger bonding between you two. 

The necessities can help you prepare for when the kitten grows older, and as a bonus point: it will also save you costly trips to the vet. 

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