Top 5 Kitten House Online (2022 Review)

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Any kitten owner knows how much effort goes into taking care of it. 

May it be because it is so tiny, its food intake, or most importantly, where it will live – a secure haven away from predators such as owls, coyotes, wolves, and other cats. 

It is why we are here to save your day!

We will be going over all the necessary pointers you need to know when buying a kitten house online. This also includes the top 5 kitten houses that you should consider buying. 

So, let’s get into it and get your kitten the best house on the market!

Kitten House Online

Table of Contents

What Are Kitten Houses?

A kitten house is a place where your precious feline can reside. With a custom-built refuge, there are tons of things you will not have to worry about. 

One of them is your kitten rummaging through neighbors’ tight spaces or porches for a warm, dry spot to rest. 

Many kittens prefer to stay in the little cardboard box they came in. However, as a concerned kitten owner, you want them to have their own home. 

Kitten houses are available for almost any outdoor area. This includes patios, garages, fields, and backyards.

What Are the Types of Kitten Houses Online?


There are way too many kitten houses to choose from. When buying one, you might get overwhelmed with the options available. 

You will find kitten houses online segregated into different categories. Such as these:

  • Indoor and outdoor-based.
  • They may come with one or more doors. 
  • It can be of wood, plastic, fabric, or even metal. 
  • Comes with heated or unheated beds.
  • Comes with cooled beds.
  • It may be elevated from the ground, for instance, with wheels. 
  • They may be waterproof.
  • It can be available with or without tiers.
  • They may be already assembled. 
  • Portable houses.

What To Look For in A Kitten House Online?

The idea is to create an inviting environment for your kitten to seek refuge. Let’s have a glance at some of the essential features of a
kitten house online:

  • When your kitten wants to rest, it will seek comfort, safety, and warmth. This implies that the best setting for it to sleep in is a warm, safe, and draught-free house.
  • The construction of the house must be of sturdy material.
  • Kitten homes must be airy and plush to the touch from the inside. Moreover, they need to have slip-resistant bottoms; so they do not slide about on smooth floors.
  • The kitten housing should have two openings. It will provide an alternate route away from predators.
  • A kitten’s house must be at least 2 feet by 3 feet and 18 inches tall. It will allow enough space for the kitten to grow.
  • Use paint and adjacent greenery to disguise the home. If the kitten house sticks out, it will attract unnecessary exposure from the stray cats.
  • The home should be elevated from the ground.
  • The kitten housing must be waterproof for your feline companion to keep warm and dry.

The Top 5 Kitten Houses Online Reviewed

Now you know what to look for in a kitten house. Let’s look at the best ones on the market. 

1) TRIXIE 3-Story Cat’s House


This home is one for the playful kittens out there. It will be a tiny nirvana for it with three tiers and an outside setting. 

Furthermore, the house’s outer material is solid wood topped off with a waterproof coat. This quality helps to keep harsh weather conditions from affecting the deteriorating. 

This house is tall with tiny doors and windows. Though this home is adorable, it may be too small for when your kitten grows up. 


  • Space for more than one kitten.
  • Waterproof coating.
  • Freestanding with wheels at the bottom. 


  • The space can be constricting.

2) K&H Pet Products Outdoor Multi-Kitty House Cat Shelter


This house is a high-end, nylon, freestanding option. It is well-insulated, making it great both indoors and out. 

Additionally, the home has high-quality, fade-resistant elements that can survive the weather fluctuations. It also comes with a detachable velcro cat enclosure. 

Not only that, but a machine-washable cushion is also a part of the house, which adds convenience.


  • Vinyl and nylon backing for water resistance.
  • Elevated off the ground.


  • For cold conditions, the heat may not be enough.

3) Petmate 19″ Kitty Kat Cat Condo


The best part about this kitten house is that it serves as a scratching mat. 

This quality preserves your feline’s nails. In addition, it adds coziness during poor weather. The floor comes with an insulated plush carpet. 

This keeps your kitten warm in the winter and cools in the summertime.


  • Soft foam interior
  • A scratching pad.
  • Keeps the pests at bay with a sturdy external shell.


  • It might not keep the rain from flooding the house.

4)  Kitty City Outdoor Stackable Cat House



  • Solidly built house material.
  • Detachable door flaps.
  • Two exits increase the security of your kitten.


  • It may be small for when your kitten grows up.

5)  K&H Pet Products Multi-Kitty A-Frame Outdoor Cat House


If you are searching for a basic yard-based kitten house, this tent is a fantastic option! Not only that, but it is a rather large kitten home. 

Why? It can accommodate up to four kittens! Kitties can conveniently go in and out of this A-frame design, including two-door flaps and adjustable elements. 

Furthermore, it helps keep cats warm, dry, and comfortable. And the nylon cover is unbreakable and impervious to water.


  • Two escape hatches.
  • Waterproofed.
  • Very spacious.


  • It may flood if it rains.

Final Thoughts

As you’ve seen, purchasing a kitten house is the simple part; selecting one, on the other hand, may require a lifetime. 

With so many things to choose from it is a wonder how people do not buy all of them. 

However, with this comprehensive guide, we hope you can provide the best possible home for your darling kitten!

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