Top 5 Picks for Cat Muzzles (2022 Review)

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Cats are no doubt the best pets you can care for during your lifetime. Their adorable little faces can ease your worries in an instant, and their furry little bodies make for the perfect cuddle companion. However, no matter how much you love your pet, it is crucial that you have safety measures in place if they ever act out. This is especially true for wild cats or those that are adopted from a shelter and maybe a tad bit violent. Cat muzzles can come in handy when you need to calm down your kitten and provide some protection for yourself.

Cat Muzzles

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Types Of Cat Muzzles For Sale

If used right, cat muzzles can be a great device to calm your cat down. However, one should note that these are only for temporary use and should not be left on for prolonged periods of time. As a cat carer, you may be able to find many types of cat muzzles online; however, only a few will be able to soothe your cat. It is essential to get the right fit, so the muzzle calms down your cat and does not add to their anxiety. Some muzzles are specially designed to be a part of a first aid kit so that they can come in handy if you come across a stray cat or your cat is poorly injured. They can limit their aggression and make it easier to contain them until you reach a vet.

What are Cat Muzzles

If you are new to the world of cat muzzles, then there is no need to worry. A cat muzzle is a device that goes around the cat’s face in order to keep them from biting the person in charge. These are typically used by vets and groomers to keep cats from biting when they act aggressively. Cat muzzles are not just limited to professionals but can also be used by pet owners! 

What To Look For In Cat Muzzle For Sale

What features make a cat muzzle the best fit for a cat? Given that they are to keep your cat from biting you and acting aggressively, one should make sure that whatever material the muzzle is made from should be durable enough to withstand their aggression and claws. 

Breathable Fabric

A cat muzzle goes around your feline’s face, and it is important that while it’s durable enough to hold its shape, there should be room for flexibility and adjustment so that the cat can breathe. If the cat moves around a lot, the muzzle can become displaced, and the cat could suffocate. In these cases, one should opt for an air muzzle.

Air Muzzle 

An air muzzle is essentially a ball of plastic that goes around your cat’s neck, placing its whole head within the plastic ball. This ensures ample room for the cat to breathe, and it keeps you protected.

Top 5 Cat Muzzles Reviewed 


1) Wintchuk Cat Muzzle


The soft and durable cat muzzle by wintchuk is a perfect buy if your cat gets stubborn or aggressive sometimes. The muzzle comes in the color blue, which typically goes excellent against the cat’s fur color so that you know when the muzzle is displaced. 


  • It comes in four sizes 
  • It is anti scratch and can withstand clawing 
  • It is made from durable material 


  • It goes out of stock very quickly
  • It does not fit small cats 

2) Jorvet Premium Cat Muzzle 

Amazon’s Choice is always a buy! The cat is designed for clinical uses and can be a great addition to calm your feline while you carry out grooming tasks or take them to vet appointments.


  • It is made out of sturdy nylon
  • It is water resistant 
  • It provides plenty of airflows 


  • It can be hard to tighten and loosen the muzzle 
  • The crisscross pattern needs to be adjusted accordingly

3) Downtown Pet Supply Cat Muzzle


Downtown’s cat muzzle is a must add to your cat’s wardrobe, whether you’re a regular owner or a professional cat groomer. Made out of nylon, the cat muzzle is a durable and robust cover to protect you from your cat’s bites and aggressive behaviors.


  • It comes in three sizes 
  • The size can be adjusted to the cat’s needs 


  • It runs out of stock very quickly 
  • Nylon can be hard to breathe through the fabric for some cats

4)  Xbes Nylon Cat Muzzles 


Designed to soothe your cat during nail trimming, regular baths and grooming. This cat muzzle allows for breathing room as well as durability for the cat and your comfort. 


  • It comes in three sizes 
  • The size can be adjusted to the cat’s needs 
  • The nylon is water resistant 


  • The nose gap can be too little for some cats
  • The cat can easily access the velcro strap and take it off
  • It can be hard to bathe cats as the nylon gets slippery

5) Soft Paws Air Muzzle For Cats


The air muzzle is a fantastic substitute for cats that displace their fabric muzzles easily. It eliminates any potential bites for the cats while allowing them a lot of room to breathe easily and freely.


  • Easy access to the cat’s head and face
  • Allows ample breathing room
  • It is easy to place on and remove 


  • The design can be hard to understand 
  • The piece falls apart if the cat moves around too much

Final Thoughts

Cat muzzles can be a fantastic investment if you have trouble calming down your feline during your visits to the pet or administering medication at home. They provide a comfortable environment to maneuver around the cat tactics and bites so that you can easily carry out the necessary tasks. However, they should only be used when the cat is behaving particularly aggressive and not as a daily measure when the cats act out. As a pet carer, you need to differentiate behavior when a cat muzzle needs to be used. Most of the time, you will be able to calm down your feline with a cuddle.

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