Top 5 Best Affordable Cat Neck Belts Online

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Cats are one of the largest types of animals that are kept as pets. These adorable, fluffy, feline beings serve as great companions to humans. 

They are extremely playful, love to run here and there, and follow you around. 

However, at times, they might get loose of your hold, especially in public, and end up getting away from you. 

In such situations, the only lifeline that you would have to get your feline baby back is the cat neck belt that you put around your cat’s neck.

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What Is A Cat Neck Belt?

A cat neck belt is a strap of material that is put around the neck of a cat. It can be made up of different kinds of materials, having different colors, designs, and textures. 

It can either be adjustable or customizable. 

A cat belt is mainly used for identification purposes as it has a tag on it where you could write its name and the owner’s contact information in case the cat gets lost. 

It can also be used for styling up your cat, and protecting it from fleas, or other animals.

Types Of Cat Neck Belts


Cat belts are extremely important, not just for your cat but also for the people around it. 

The cat neck belts market has evolved greatly with the growing technology, and therefore, there is a whole array of different types of cat neck belts available.

Breakaway Neck Belts

Breakaway neck belts are ideal for indoor cats. They have a closure-buckle system that opens when something pulls against it. 

It is extremely useful in preventing your cat from choking or from any kind of injuries if, for example, the neck belt gets stuck on any object or under anything.

The cat would be able to remove the belt by applying some force.

Buckle Neck Belts

These neck belts are suitable for cats you take for outdoor walks. 

They look similar to the breakaway neck belts but they cannot be opened by the cats themselves. The owner has to unlock the buckle to remove it from the cat’s neck.

Flea Neck Belts

The flea neck belts have some chemicals inside them that kill the fleas or other insects that get into your cat’s fur. 

These belts are a hassle-free way to get rid of fleas from your cat’s fur rather than using other ointments, medications, etc.

Bell Neck Belts

These belts have a small ringing bell attached to them which makes a sound every time your cat moves. 

It is best to alarm other wildlife that a cat is around them, preventing your cat from hunting other poor animals when it is outdoors.

GPS Neck Belts

These belts include a GPS built inside of them which tracks the live location of your cats. 

You could then easily track the location of your cat through your smartphone. 

It is best for cats that go outdoors and would help you find your cat if it gets lost.

What To Look For In Cat Neck Belts

Choosing the perfect cat neck belt could be an intimidating as well as an overwhelming task to do. 

However, certain factors would help you in choosing the right neck belt for your cat.

Right Size

Before purchasing any cat neck belt, measure the size of your cat’s neck properly. The belt should neither be too tight nor too loose on your cat. 

Ensure that your cat can breathe properly while wearing it and does not feel suffocated.

Good Quality Material

Ensure that the material of the belt is soft, comfortable, and breathable. 

It should not be rough causing irritation or itchiness to the cat. 

Safe And Secure

The cat neck belt that you choose should be safe, secure, and properly built for your cat and would not break easily even if your cat gets rough with it.

Includes Identification Tag

The belt must include a tag/card with the cat’s as well as the owner’s information in case the cat gets lost or injured and needs to be brought back to its owner immediately.

Top 5 Best Affordable Cat Neck Belts Reviewed Online


With the comfort of online shopping, many customers want to order cat neck belts online.

1) Buckle-Down Cat Collar


Endorsed by Amazon, this cat neck belt is a “breakaway” type belt and fits 8-12 inch neck size and is half an inch wide. 

The belt is made from high-density polyester and is hand-crafted in the USA. According to Amazon reviews, this neck belt adjusts to the perfect size of the cat’s neck. 

One customer who has a very aggressive cat loves this product as it is sturdy enough to handle their cat’s furious behavior without breaking or getting ripped apart. 


  • The cat neck belt has a beautiful, original artwork print
  • It is highly sturdy and durable
  • A matching leash is also available with this product


  • The belt did not come with a bell as shown in the product picture
  • A large portion of the belt is a licensing trademark
  • The belt is not very suitable for heavy-necked cats

2) PetSafe Martingale Collar

This belt offers a quick snap buckle which makes it quite easy for you to put it on and take it off. 

It is made up of nylon material and is also quite safe and secure for cats. It is available in different colors like red, blue, black, etc. 

According to Amazon reviews, the material used is quite sturdy. One customer says that it is one of the best collars she could find price-wise. 


  • It is quite affordable
  • Very durable
  • Easy to use


  • Size-chart is misleading
  • Not suitable for small cats

3) Kruz Pet Collar


The Kruz cat neck belt offers total control to the pet owner. It is highly durable due to its dual-mesh layer. 

According to Amazon reviews, this belt is easy to clean and dries fast. The material used is of good quality and lasts years without any problems. 

One customer loves that the belt is padded providing utmost comfort to their cat.


  • Lightweight
  • Breathable
  • Easy size adjustment
  • Customizable


  • Does not rotate well with the cat’s neck movement
  • Gets out-of-stock easily

4)   Cat Heart Collar


This is a decorative cat neck belt. It is especially for female cats to make them look like princesses. It comes with a bell and heart. According to Amazon reviews, this belt is both sturdy as well as pretty. The material is soft and comfortable for cats.


  • Soft, light-weight material used
  • Bell is loud and clear
  • Adjustable


  • Velvet material gets dirty quickly
  • The decorative heart falls off
  • Not suitable for big cats

5)  Tractive Waterproof GPS Cat Tracker


This neck belt has a built-in GPS which would track your cat’s live location. You can even monitor your cat’s daily activities using this belt. According to Amazon reviews, this belt provides clear signals for the cat’s location as well as can show how active the cat has been over an entire week or month, according to your plan. 


  • Waterproof
  • Lightweight
  • Worldwide location tracking is available


  • Subscription plan required
  • Quite expensive

Final Thoughts

Getting a neck belt for your cat is essential. However, you must go through the characteristic features of the belt you wish to buy to make a sound decision. Most importantly, never compromise on the quality of the belt for the price because your feline baby deserves the best belt you could get for it.

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